Memorial Day Weekend

Recent Weather and Tokaloo Spire,  Puyallup Cleaver
'Tis the weekend again and a three day one at that. Be prepared for some fabulous and variable mountain weather this weekend.

The DC is in shape thanks to much work done by the guide services. Check the route condition pages for more details from around the mountain.

The general consensus is that the glaciers are in mid-late summer condition, and that the snow is in spring condition not quantity. If you are planning on voyaging on a lesser traveled route expect heavy slogging, flotation recommended.

Skiing from Muir to Paradise is getting less and less direct you will probably have to pop your skis before hitting the parking lot. As the trails melt out please stay on them! Per the usual watch for terrain traps and unmarked obstacles.

Road Construction

Nisqually Bridge Construction 1959

Construction on the Paradise Road will resume Monday May 18th, 2015.
The current phase of the construction project will start in Paradise and work downhill towards Longmire.
Expect delays up to 30 min between 7am and 5:30pm. Monday-Friday until further notice.
Check the Mount Rainier National Park website for periodic updates.